Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chocolate Chewies will do a vanishing act

On Sunday afternoon, I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Chewies for the first time, and I will certainly be making them again.
   They are a definite crowd-pleaser. Put them out for the family, and the cookies will disappear.
   Luckily, they are a snap to make.
   The Chocolate Chewies recipe I used is from Cook’s Country magazine, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the mag’s website. I suspect that’s because it was a reader-submitted recipe.
   However, I was able to find nearly exactly the same recipe on a blog called MurrayHill5 – In My Kitchen. He adapted the recipe from a cookbook called The All American Cookie Book by Nancy Baggett.
   There are just a couple of slight differences between the blog recipe and the one I found in Cook’s Country.
   The CC recipe gives no direction on how to toast the pecans, but the blog recipe does. The blog recipe says to toast the pecans in the oven, but I simply toasted them in a skillet on the stovetop.
   The blog recipe says to add the vanilla and beat the mixture for 1 ½ minutes, while the CC recipe says three minutes. I used the three-minute option.
   Otherwise, everything else is the same.
   Powdered sugar, cocoa powder, flour and salt are blended together. Three egg whites are beaten in one at a time, then the vanilla.    Toasted pecans and an ounce of grated bittersweet chocolate are stirred in.
   The cookies are baked, one pan at a time, in a 325 F oven for 15 to 18 minutes (I opted for 15 minutes).

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Lysa said...

Will attempt to make Epicurious Capuccino Chesecake Bars and Savannah ChocolateChewies. Thank you for your reviews.