Monday, October 7, 2013

Soup, speedy potatoes and tomatillos

Here are some cozy fall recipes I tried recently. Click on the links to get the recipes.

Pumpkin Soup with Sage and Gruyere Croutons: A soup that’s easy to make and is incredibly delicious. The recipe title is a bit curious as there aren’t really croutons with this recipe; really, they are pieces of toast covered with melted cheese and fresh sage.

Kielbasa with Mashed Potatoes: A super-easy recipe that includes a simple, speedy and smart way to prepare mashed potatoes. The potatoes are cooked in the microwave for just 12 minutes, then whole-grain mustard and whole milk are added and the mixture mashed. Easy-peasy, and very good. I have to admit that to speed up this recipe even more I skipped the broccoli and sauerkraut mixture altogether.

Pork Ribs in Tomatillo Sauce: I’ve never cooked anything with tomatillos before, but I’ve always been curious about them. I took the plunge recently and bought some as they are in season, then picked this recipe to use.

I wasn’t sorry. It was very good, and quite easy to make. As the recipe is from Saveur magazine, known for its authentic international recipes, I’d like to think I was making traditional Mexican comfort food.

Maple Cake: This easy recipe yielded a simple, yummy cake that was comforting and fun to eat. It’s an ideal dessert for fall.