Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marvellous Malted Milk Cookie Tart

This is a fun dessert – it mixes a popular sweet you can get at any neighbourhood convenience store with the elegance of a tart.
   Malted Milk Cookie Tart, from the July 2010 issue of Bon Appetit (click here for the recipe), has a topping of chopped malted milk balls (I used Maltesers).
   Under that is a thin layer of chocolate, and comprising the base is a crust that has a salty taste that’s a bit like peanut brittle.
   It was super-easy to make. I turned on the oven to 325 F as required, and had the crust ready to go in just as the light went out!
   There was one ingredient in the recipe I wasn’t sure about: malted milk powder.
   I wasn’t the only one. Taking a look online, there were a few debates about exactly what it is.
   Wading through the conversation threads, I came to the conclusion that Ovaltine, found in the hot chocolate and chocolate milk mix section of many supermarkets, is malted milk powder (although there were many online posters who swore it isn't!) A quick check of the ingredients on the back confirmed it is.
   However, I found a brand called Horlicks, recommended by many people on the threads as an excellent malted milk powder, at the local Superstore.
   Here’s my official make-it-better tip for this recipe: Although people will want to try it the day you make it, I found the tart was better the next day, after my husband cut it up and put it in a plastic container. The crust seemed to soften up a bit, making it a bit easier to bite.
   However, the next time I make this, I am going to cut back on the 45-minute baking time and see if this makes a difference in the crust’s tenderness. I may also butter the pan.
   This recipe calls for a nine-inch tart pan with a removable bottom, but it says you can substitute a nine-inch glass pie dish.


Clay said...

Try the lemon Rosemary potato
Salad with pancetta. Just finished it.


Sue in Glencoe, Il. said...

I cut the cooking time of the malted milk tart. It seemed to make the crust a little less brittle. I cooked it for about 32 to35 minutes then melted the chocolate chips and malted balls over the top. I have also baked it in a square tart pan and cut it up in square pieces and triangles for a dessert table.