Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An incredible no-machine ice cream - to be made under certain conditions

This is going to be a mixed-up blog post.
   I’m going to recommend a recipe, but only under certain conditions.
   It’s No-Machine Chocolate-Banana Ice Cream (click here to see the recipe on the LA Weekly website) , created by professional pastry chef David Lebovitz.
   Don’t get me wrong – for the right “target market,” this is an amazing ice cream. My husband absolutely loved it and encouraged me to write about it.

   Make this ice cream if:
   - You want to make ice cream, without a machine, that looks and feels like the finest store-bought variety.
  - The people to whom you serve it like strong tastes, as this smacks of Irish cream liqueur and dark rum, which are needed in ridiculously huge amounts for the ice cream to freeze properly.
   - The people to whom you serve it could eat liqueur chocolates without wincing or enjoy Irish cream liqueurs, such as Bailey’s, straight up.

   Don’t make this ice cream if:
   The only people to whom you'll serve it are picky eaters or people who prefer bland tastes. They will not like this ice cream one bit. And, with all the booze, I would never serve this ice cream to children. This is a dessert for grown-ups.

   So, with that in mind, here’s a quick rundown on how to make it. It’s really a very easy recipe for the finely-textured product you get without a machine.
   Bittersweet or semisweet chocolate is melted with whole or low-fat milk (I used two per cent) in a bowl over simmering water.
   Irish cream liqueur (I used Bailey’s), sliced bananas, dark rum and the melted chocolate are pureed in a food processor. Don’t be tempted to cut back on the called-for one cup plus two tablespoons of liqueur or the three tablespoons of dark rum, or the ice cream won’t freeze to its proper texture.
   The mixture is poured in a shallow plastic container, and is then frozen eight hours or overnight (I opted for overnight.)
   Serve to the right audience and enjoy!
No-Machine Chocolate-Banana Ice Cream is also in David Lebovitz's new cookbook, Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes. It is available for purchase at or through the links below.

Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes at
Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes at


Lori E said...

This sounds delish. I will serve it in big martini glasses I think.

Christina said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing, I have David Lebovitz's ice cream cookbook for our ice cream maker! He has some great recipes! Thanks for sharing w/ Friday Firsts!