Friday, June 4, 2010

Get the backyard party going with Rum Punch with Passion Fruit and Lime

Last summer I hosted a retirement party for my parents and cooked for 30 people.
   What was the alcoholic drink I chose to make out of the dozens I have tried?
   Rum Punch with Passion Fruit and Lime (click here for the recipe at the Bon Appetit website), a really easy pitcher drink which can easily be doubled, tripled or quadrupled.
   It was a hit at the party, as it always is.
   The recipe calls for frozen passion fruit juice concentrate. I've never been able to find this exact item. As long as you find one that says it has passion fruit juice in it (I use a guava/passion fruit combination), you'll be fine.
   The recipe also calls for making spears out of pineapple to garnish the drink; I've never bothered with this but it probably would be fun to include.
   It's so easy: throw some gold rum, the juice concentrate, water, lime juice and grated, peeled fresh ginger together in a pitcher, mix it up and serve.

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