Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blobs of burrata cheese are the star of pasta dish

As is often the case on Recipes That Worked, the dish I’m reviewing in this blog entry began with an ingredient my husband and I found while grocery shopping.
   I saw burrata cheese sitting in the deli section of one of our local supermarkets, so I snapped it up.
   I’d been reading and hearing about this cheese made from mozzarella and cream lately, so I wanted to try it.
   Searching my favorite recipe sites for one that uses burrata, I found Campanelle Pasta with Burrata Cheese, Spinach, Lemon and Toasted Almonds (click for the recipe) on epicurious.
   The recipe looked promising (read: easy to make) so we tried it.
   Success! The pasta was delicious, with burrata the creamy star. (Fresh mozzarella can be substituted for the burrata).
   The recipe said to cut the burrata into chunks, but I found this practically impossible. It is far too creamy for that.
   Instead, I separated the ball of burrata into blobs, and topped the pasta servings with it that way.
   Dried campanelle, for which fusilli can be substituted (we used Catelli Smart fusilli) is boiled, drained and transferred to a large boil.
   Butter and olive oil are melted in a skillet, then garlic, lemon juice and lemon peel are cooked in it.
   Fresh baby spinach and toasted sliced almonds (I toasted them in a small pan on the stovetop) are put on top of the hot pasta, followed by the hot lemon mixture. The pasta is tossed until the spinach is wilted.
   To serve, the pasta is put onto a plate and topped with blobs of burrata cheese.

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