Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Make it again soon' Crispy Baked Drumsticks
with Honey-Mustard Sauce

Although all the recipes on Recipes That Worked are amazing, and that’s why I write about them, occasionally there is one will come along that is just a hair above all the others and earns an immediate badge of honor in my “definitely make it again soon, and make it for others” file.
   Crispy Baked Drumsticks with Honey-Mustard Sauce (click for the recipe) from Eating Well magazine is a recipe that recently earned this badge of honor.
   The drumsticks are absolutely, completely delicious.
   Juicy, crispy and perfectly seasoned, with a killer homemade honey-mustard sauce on the side, they are definite crowd-pleasers. They make a terrific casual Friday night meal with fries and salad.
   Thanks to Greek yogurt, the honey-mustard sauce has a pleasing creamy texture. However, it has a very tiny horseradishy taste to it, so smaller children may not take to the sauce, but nearly everyone will like the chicken itself.
   Because the recipe is from Eating Well magazine, the dish has less fat and calories than similar ones of this type.
   The recipe is so easy to make it’s stupefying.
   It calls for fine dry breadcrumbs. We used panko, a type of very fine Japanese breadcrumbs that can be found in the bakery or Asian foods section of many supermarkets.
   The breadcrumbs, paprika, onion powder, and salt are mixed together in a shallow dish and drizzled with canola oil. The mixture is mashed with a fork until the oil is incorporated. An egg is lightly beaten in another shallow dish.
   Skinless drumsticks are dipped in the egg, pressed in the bread mixture and placed on a wire rack in a baking sheet.
   While the chicken is baking, the sauce is prepared by mixing nonfat plain yogurt, Dijon mustard and honey.
   Serve the sauce alongside the drumsticks, and watch the crowd rave.

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