Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mascarpone cheese produces a lovely, light sauce for Linguine with Lemon-Garlic Shrimp

Cream sauces for pasta can sometimes be a little tricky. You’ve got to make sure the milk or cream doesn’t burn or that the sauce doesn’t get lumpy.
   I’ve happened across a recipe that produces a light, lovely sauce for linguine in a simple, foolproof way.
   The secret ingredient in Linguine with Lemon-Garlic Shrimp (click for the recipe) from Fine Cooking magazine is mascarpone cheese, a soft Italian cream cheese.
   Adding mascarpone to cooked linguine produces a soft, slightly sweet creaminess that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s a stroke-of-genius tactic created by Melissa Gaman, the recipe’s developer.
   Linguine with Lemon-Garlic Shrimp is an outstanding dish – incredibly delicious and very easy to make.
   When my husband and I tried it for the first time recently, we both ranted and raved about how good it was. It immediately became a top addition to my collection of make-again recipes.
   Make this for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, and he or she will be impressed with your culinary skills and very appreciative of the lovely, satisfying meal you made.
   Linguine is boiled until it is al dente.
   Meanwhile, peeled and deveined shrimp is tossed with lemon zest, salt and pepper.
   Thinly-sliced garlic and red pepper flakes are cooked in butter in a skillet, and the shrimp is added and cooked until just opaque. Dry white wine and lemon juice are added and the mixture boiled until reduced, about one minute.
   The drained pasta, mascarpone, and ½ cup of the water the pasta was boiled in are added to the skillet and tossed until the pasta and shrimp is coated with the cheese. More lemon zest and fresh chives are stirred in.

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