Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black beans bring plenty of protein
and fiber to easy-to-make burgers

I love black beans and I cannot lie.
   They have a pleasing starchy texture and mild flavor that is highlighted perfectly by spices such as cumin.
   I’m glad I like them, because black beans are high in protein, fiber, magnesium, folate and manganese.
   And they are absolutely brilliant in Black Bean Burgers (click for the recipe), a hearty, filling and quick-to-make supper.
   Slathered with some mayo, topped with lettuce and sandwiched in a toasted bun, these burgers are sure to please.
   The recipe I use for Black Bean Burgers is from America’s Test Kitchen, and can be found in the cookbook The Best Simple Recipes.
   The recipe I linked to above on a blog is nearly the same as the one I use, with two minor exceptions.
   A quarter-cup of cilantro is not listed in the ingredients of the blog recipe, but it is mentioned in the directions.
   However, my husband and I skip the cilantro in the burgers anyway, so it is just as well that is neglected in the blog recipe’s list of ingredients.
   The blog recipe also calls for two 15-oz. cans of black beans, while the America’s Test Kitchen recipe I use calls for two 16-oz. cans.
   The first few steps of the recipe are for making breadcrumbs to put in the burgers.
   We skip this step and simply use some panko instead of making breadcrumbs to speed things up. Panko are ready-made Japanese-style breadcrumbs that can be found in the bakery or Asian foods sections of most supermarkets.
   Some of the black beans are mashed with a potato masher until mostly smooth. Bread crumbs, eggs, olive oil, cumin, salt, cayenne, minced shallot and the remaining beans are added to the mashed beans and the ingredients are combined.
   The mixture is divided into six equal portions and made into patties, which are cooked in olive oil in a skillet.
   Serve and enjoy a tasty burger with many health benefits!

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