Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicken-and-Sage Sausages:
Serve in the morning or evening!

Chicken-and-Sage Sausages (click for the recipe) from Martha Stewart Living magazine is a recipe I turn to several times each winter.
   They’re so simple to make and yield delicious results. Served with some rice and salad, it’s a great dish for a weeknight, but it also works as a breakfast or brunch item.
   To say these are sausages is a bit of a misnomer – they’re actually patties. You’re not going to need to buy an arsenal of sausage-making supplies to make them.
   The recipe says to serve the patties with chutney, and this is an absolute must – don’t skip it! My husband and I serve peach chutney alongside the patties, and it is truly key to the recipe’s ultimate success.
   We increase the amount of fresh sage used in the recipe, since we like this herb and like to taste more of it in the final product.
   Note the recipe serves eight to 10 people as it was included in a story about a post-skiing party. Be sure to cut back on the ingredients if you don’t want to end up with the yield of 20 patties!
   Ground chicken, finely-chopped shallot, minced garlic, finely-chopped fresh sage, shredded carrot and Dijon mustard are mixed together and formed into patties.
   Working in batches, the patties are cooked in oil in a skillet about two to three minutes per side.
   Serve warm with chutney.

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