Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new twist on an old
favorite: Zucchini-Ribbon Lasagna

Lasagna -- so few dishes can claim the same iconic comfort food status that it has (mac and cheese and chicken noodle soup also come to mind).
   Many have experienced the pleasure of eating a slice of the dish usually made with noodles with ridged edges, tomato sauce and ground beef.
   When I came across the recipe for Zucchini-Ribbon 'Lasagna' (click for the recipe) in an issue of Martha Stewart Living earlier this year, I was excited to try this twist on the old comfort classic, with thinly-sliced zucchini sitting in for the noodles.
   My curiosity was rewarded, as the resulting dish was amazing. My husband and I really liked the combination of zucchini strips and the slightly sweet, slightly spicy tomato sauce studded with ground turkey and dotted with ricotta cheese.
   It also made for great leftover lunches -- it microwaved beautifully and tasted just as delicious as the night it was first baked.
   Although it takes a bit of time to assemble the “lasagna,” it is still easy to make.
   An onion and red pepper flakes are cooked in oil, then ground turkey added and cooked. A can of whole tomatoes that has been blended in a food processor is added, then the sauce is boiled and simmered. Fresh oregano and salt is stirred in.
   In an eight-inch square baking dish, thinly-sliced zucchini is alternated in layers with the sauce and dollops of ricotta cheese.
   After a 50- to 60-minute stint in the oven and 10 minutes of cooling, this yummy dish is ready to be served.

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