Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
is pretty darn good

Martha Stewart Living calls the spaghetti recipe I’m writing about “perfect.”
   I don’t know about perfect, simply because the possibility of a better recipe for any dish always exists somewhere else in the world.
   But there’s no denying Perfect Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce is pretty darn good.
   Very good, in fact, and that’s why my husband and I have made it many, many times.
   The recipe’s ingredient list is simple, another thing I like about it. No frills, no fuss, just a good dish of pasta.
   No fuss, that is, if you skip the step of blanching fresh tomatoes for the sauce.
   The recipe says you can use a 28-ounce can of Italian plum tomatoes for the sauce instead, and this is what my husband and I have always done. The tomatoes are passed through a food mill (or put ‘em in the blender!) before being added to browned garlic and red pepper flakes for the sauce.
   Though the recipe calls for fresh basil or parsley, we find parsley creates the best taste.
   The recipe directs to cook the boiled spaghetti and sauce together for about three to four minutes in a sauté pan.
   Be warned: You need a big pan! We have a large pan with high sides, and this works well.
   While the spaghetti is boiling, sliced garlic and crushed red-pepper flakes are cooked in the pan. The tomatoes are added and the sauce thickened.
   The drained spaghetti is added and tossed with the sauce. The two are cooked together for a few minutes, and the basil or parsley stirred in.
   The spaghetti is served with optional grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top – I recommend it.
   The result is (nearly) perfection.

The best pasta dish I've ever made is Orecchiette with Fennel, Sausage & Tomatoes

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