Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrate apple season with Buttery Apple Cake

Autumn is the time for apples.
   And it’s time for cake every season of the year.
   Here’s a recipe that combines both timelines in one lovely product: Buttery Apple Cake from Martha Stewart Living.
   This soft cake is served with cream drizzled over top of the pieces. Not whipped cream, just liquid cream, poured in a beautiful thin drizzle. You’ll feel like you’re plating a dessert to be served in a fancy restaurant.
   There are no harsh flavors to be had, making this cake quite family-friendly. It would be a lovely snack on a fall afternoon.
   And it’s incredibly easy to make.
   Note that the recipe requires an 8-inch springform pan, not the more common 9-inch. However, 8-inch springform pans aren’t hard to find, particularly in a kitchen wares store.
   One pound of Granny Smith apples are peeled, shredded with a box grater, and spread in the bottom of the pan.
   Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, whole milk, eggs, vegetable oil and eggs are whisked together and poured over the apples.    The pan is put in the oven and the cake baked about 40 minutes.
   To make the topping, butter, sugar, an egg and vanilla are mixed together. The topping is poured over the top of the cake, and the cake is baked another 25 minutes.
   After the cake is cooled completely, the sides of the pan are removed.
   Cut, serve the pieces drizzled with cream and celebrate apple season in grand style.

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