Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A great burger that's really easy to make, complicated by my daydreaming

Last night my husband and I made Turkey Burgers with Mango Chutney (click here for the recipe at the website of Eating Well magazine), but not without a hiccup along the way, thanks to me.
   My job was to toast the hamburger buns in the oven. Easy enough, right?
   Not if you decide it’s time to daydream about anything and everything, which is what I did, burning the hamburger buns horribly in the process.
   I went to the convenience store across the street to get some more buns, but, lucky me, it was pouring rain by the sheets.
   By the time I got back, I was soaked to the skin and my husband had to get me a towel to dry off before I came in so I didn’t drip all over the apartment.
   Luckily the final product was worth all the fuss – the fuss I created; the burgers themselves were very easy to make.
   They’re also extremely family friendly. Everyone will eat them and no one will complain. They would work well at a backyard party where all ages of people are attending.
   The burgers stay nice and moist after cooking.
   Because of the bad weather when we made these, we cooked them inside on an indoor grill and roasted the onions under the broiler.
   But I’m sure everything would work terrifically on an outdoor grill as the recipe directs.
   The recipe called for baguettes, but for ease, my husband and I used hamburger buns instead.
   You should be able to find the called-for mango chutney in any well-stocked supermarket.
   Finely chopped red onions are combined with ground turkey and one tablespoon of mango chutney, and the mixture is shaped into burger patties.
   The patties are cooked, the buns toasted, and red onion rounds grilled on the barbecue.
   The burgers are served with more mango chutney, the grilled red onion rounds and lettuce.

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