Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Pepper Pork Tenderloin and Grilled Bratwurst

Here are a couple of new recipes I tried during the week of Sept. 2-6. They’re awesome! Click on the links to get the recipes.

Three-Pepper Pork Tenderloin with Peach-Cucumber Salad: The peaches and cucumbers provide a refreshing foil to the peppery pork in this delicious recipe. We only used a pinch of cayenne pepper instead of the full ¼ teaspoon.
   Don’t forget the yogurt (we used plain Greek-style yogurt) and naan bread mentioned at the end of the recipe ingredients – they will pull all the recipe’s components together nicely. You can put the parts together and eat it on a dish, or eat it with your hands by putting sliced pork, salad and yogurt in the naan bread and folding it in half. 
   This recipe feeds four comfortably.

Grilled Bratwurst and Onion Open-Face Sandwiches: Our first time trying bratwurst sausages was a success thanks to this very easy recipe.
   We didn’t make this as an open-face sandwich; rather, we used sausage buns instead of bread, and ate them like hot dogs. The circles of sliced onions will break apart as they cook, making them perfect to pile on top of the sausages in the buns.

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