Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kiwi-Lime Sorbet a good first
outing for new ice cream maker

I recently bought a new ice cream maker to replace the one I had for the past three years. The old one was pooping out, and I wanted to get back to making cold, refreshing desserts for summer.
   I grudgingly parted with all of $40 for a new ice cream maker, and christened it by making Kiwi-Lime Sorbet (click for the recipe).
   It was a very good first outing for that ice cream maker (which did a good job, by the way.)
   The sorbet was simply, and completely, delicious. In this hot weather, it was a blessing to pull it out of the freezer, put a couple of blobs in a dessert dish, admire the lovely green colour flecked by the kiwi seeds, then eat a bit of cold, heavenly refreshment.
   And it was so amazingly easy to make, it’s almost criminal. There are just three ingredients.
   Many sorbets and ice creams requires the base liquid to be refrigerated until cold before it is processed in an ice cream maker.
   But because this sorbet uses frozen limeade concentrate, it’s cold and ready right away to be processed in the ice cream maker, cutting down on preparation time a bit. But the sorbet still need to be put in the freezer to harden after it is processed.
   Peeled kiwis, sugar (I used Splenda instead) and ½ cup of frozen limeade concentrate are puréed in a food processor until smooth. The mixture is processed in an ice cream maker, transferred to a container, and frozen until solid.

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