Friday, May 18, 2012

The Green Lantern drink is superhero-worthy

I’ve tried many new recipes in my time, but I think this is the first one I've made that shares its name with a superhero.
   The Green Lantern (click for the recipe) is a delicious drink made with parsley sprigs and lime juice.
   And, according to wikipedia: “Green Lantern is the name of multiple superheroes from the DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.”
   I’m not sure if the drink’s creator, Ian Knauer, had superheroes in mind when he named it, but I know this: You’ll feel super when you have The Green Lantern drink (tee-hee).
   The Green Lantern is surprisingly good. That parsley is the main component may give a person cause about making it, but I assure you, it’s genius. It’s as refreshing teamed up with lime juice and club soda as it is on its own.
   The drink smells like grass, and you’ll be sure you’re going to taste your lawn when you take a swig. But it doesn’t taste like grass at all – it’s sweet and refreshing.
   The recipe says it makes six drinks, and that may be the case for small sipping before supper.
   But I found it only made two large drinks, which were perfect for my husband and I to drink while we were making supper and while eating it.
   The drink can be made non-alcoholic, or alcoholic with addition of gin or vodka. I added gin, and it was terrific.
   Parsley, lime zest (grated lime peel), cold water, lime juice and sugar (I used Splenda instead) are pureed together in a blender. The mixture is strained through a fine-mesh sieve into a large glass measure (or a plastic pitcher, which I used).
   The drinks are served over ice and topped with club soda.

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