Friday, December 9, 2011

White Russian Sorbet is perfect for winter

A White Russian is a cocktail I equate with winter.
   The sweet flavors of milk or cream mixed with a coffee liqueur are, for me, an ideal libation for a chilly evening.
   That’s why, when I saw the recipe for White Russian Sorbet (click for it), I knew I would have to make it in the wintertime, even though it was a sorbet recipe and I most often make icy sorbet in the summer.
   I made the sorbet for the first time last weekend, and it made for a delicious wintry treat. As I enjoyed the first spoonful, I knew my decision to make it in cool weather was right. I think all who try it would agree!
   It would make a lovely dessert at the end of a fancy holiday dinner.
   Although this recipe is extremely easy to make, it does take the sorbet a long time to freeze completely. I recommend freezing it overnight before serving.
   I made the ice cream-maker version of the sorbet, processing it in the maker for 20 minutes, then transferring the slightly icy liquid to an air-tight container and putting it in the freezer to firm up.
   The recipe can be made without an ice cream-maker. It then becomes a granita, which has bigger ice crystals than sorbet. Extra water is added to the sorbet mixture, which is then poured into a metal baking pan. The pan is put in the freezer and the mixture stirred occasionally for a few hours, then left to freeze completely.
   Water and sugar are stirred together in a saucepan and brought to a boil, then removed from heat. Instant espresso powder is added and stirred until its dissolved.
   The mixture is poured into a medium bowl. Corn syrup, whipping cream, vodka and Kahlua or another other coffee-flavored liqueur are added. The mixture refrigerated until cold, at least two hours.
   The mixture is transferred to an ice-cream maker, processed, then transferred to an air-tight container. After it is frozen, the sorbet is served.
   I skipped the bit about serving the sorbet in frozen coffee cups and garnished with coffee beans – I used small dessert bowls instead.

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