Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorbet is sandwiched by soft,
delicious gingerbread cookies

I first made Ginger Cookie-Sorbet Sandwiches (click for the recipe) about four years ago after spotting them in Martha Stewart Living magazine.
   Not only was I impressed with the final product – icy sorbet sandwiched between homemade ginger cookies – I was impressed with the cookies themselves.
   They’re the best gingerbread cookies I’ve ever made.
   The cookies are the soft ginger variety – slightly spongy, slighty salty, and all delicious.
   You could absolutely serve them on their own without the sorbet.
   However, the store-bought mango and raspberry sorbet fillings push the cookies right into summertime weather, and make the final product look gorgeous with pastel yellows and pinks.
   Because these sandwiches are assembled right before they’re served, they’re ideal for a quick weeknight treat. Pull out a couple of cookies, spread some sorbet in between and voil√† – an ice-cream sandwich.
   The sandwiches are also ideal for a casual backyard party, and in this case they can also be assembled right before serving.
   To make the cookies, flour, ground ginger, salt, baking soda, ground cinnamon and ground cloves are mixed together.
   In a different bowl, room temperature butter, sugar, egg, molasses and chopped candied ginger are beaten with an electric mixer, then the flour mixture is gradually mixed in. The resulting dough is refrigerated for a short time.
   Balls of dough are rolled in sugar, dropped on baking sheets, flattened using the bottom of a glass and baked. The cookies are left to cool completely.
   To serve, a scoop of sorbet is put on one cookie, and another put on top of the sorbet to form a sandwich.

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