Thursday, June 9, 2011

Press-in crust and brown butter make this raspberry tart a terrific treat

Recently on Recipes That Worked I revelled on the glory of making my first pastry pie crust, a feat I was able to achieve because I could press the pie dough into the pan and not have to roll it.
   This notion of a press-in dough is the reason I’ve always liked making tarts, which typically have a crust made of a soft, pliable press-in dough.
   Brown Butter Raspberry Tart (click for the recipe) from Bon Appetit magazine has one of these easy tart crusts.
   This recipe is also the first place I encountered the wonders of browning butter (cooking butter until it’s a deep nutty brown color) to add intense, deep flavor to baked goods. It’s a technique I’ve since seen used in other recipes for baked goods.
   Whenever I’ve made Brown Butter Raspberry Tart, people have loved it. The crust is a comforting cookie-like base to the lovely, slight tartness of the raspberries.
   The tart would be a terrific ending to a summer dinner party, but it also has grab-and-go appeal. The wedges are firm enough to eat with your hands like a cookie, and can be packed into lunches.
   The tart is easy to make, and you don’t even need to use an electric mixer.
   To prepare the crust, melted butter, sugar, vanilla, flour and salt are stirred until incorporated, and the resulting dough is pressed into the bottom and sides of a nine-inch diameter tart pan with a removable bottom.
   The crust is baked until golden, about 18 minutes.
   For the filling, sugar, eggs, salt, flour and vanilla are whisked together until blended.
   Unsalted butter is cooked in a heavy small saucepan over medium heat until a deep nutty brown, about six minutes. The browned butter is poured into a glass measuring cup and gradually whisked into the sugar-egg mixture.
   Raspberries are arranged in the bottom of the cooled crust, and the browned-butter mixture is poured over.
   The tart is baked, then cooled completely on a rack.

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