Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pound cake gets effervescent thanks to 7Up

7Up, the popular soft drink, brings its bubbly effervescence to a lovely dessert, 7UP Pound Cake (click for the recipe).
   The cake has a dense-but-light sensation: It’s not crumbly, as is the case with pound cakes, but the texture isn’t as heavy as a traditional pound cake.
   And it has a divine lemon-lime taste, thanks mostly to the citrusy glaze that’s drizzled on top.
   This delicious, family-friendly cake is ideal for spring, and would be a terrific accompaniment to a cup of tea.
   Cook’s Country magazine, whose version of 7Up Pound Cake is the one I made, notes that Sprite, Mountain Dew and ginger ale could all stand in for 7Up, but Fresca won’t – it produces a cake that is pale and tough.
   Diet 7Up also isn’t a good substitute – the sugar in regular 7Up is needed to make the cake taste right.
   Be sure to use cake flour as the recipe directs. It helps produce the lightness of the cake.
   The cake can be made in a 12-inch tube or Bundt pan; I used a Bundt pan. The recipe has a directed baking time of 75 to 90 minutes. The 75-minute baking time was absolutely perfect for me – the cake came out golden and fully baked.
   The cake is easy to make. The recipe linked to above on a blog is the same one I used from Cook’s Country. It's also available in the cookbook Cook's Country Blue Ribbon Desserts.
   Sugar, eggs, 7Up, lemon zest (finely-grated lemon peel), lime zest (finely-grated lime peel), lemon juice, lime juice and salt are blended in a food processor until smooth, then melted butter is poured slowly through the chute and the mixture is processed until incorporated.
   The eggs and 7Up liquid is transferred to a large bowl, and cake flour added in three additions.
   The batter is spread in a tube or Bundt pan, baked, cooled for a short time, then turned out onto a wire rack to cool completely, about two hours.
   A glaze, made from confectioners’ (icing) sugar, lemon and lime juice, is drilled over the cake. After a 15-minute setting time for the glaze, the cake can be served.

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