Thursday, January 13, 2011

A valuable lesson is learned from
Graham Cracker-Chocolate Chip Snacking Cake

There was a happy turn of events in my home recently.
   I baked a snack cake that I initially wasn’t sure would amount to anything, but it turned out to be terrific.
   Graham Cracker-Chocolate Chip Snacking Cake (click for the recipe) from the cookbook Cake Keeper Cakes looked a little dicey when it first came out of the oven.
   The cake was about an inch high, making me wonder if I’d put in the right amount of baking powder. The picture in the magazine showed a cake about twice that height.
   The frosting, which looked brilliantly white and fluffy in the magazine picture, looked pale yellow when I made it – and there was no way it could be put on the cake in dollops as the recipe directed.
   But those first appearances were deceiving.
   Once I spread the frosting on the cake, rather than putting it on in dollops as the recipe directs, and I cut it into pieces, we gave it a try.
   It was delicious! My husband absolutely loved it.
   It became an instant favorite that will definitely be made again.
   It’s very family-friendly -- everyone in the house will enjoy it. It’s a perfect treat to put in lunches.
   Making it taught me a lesson: I should not let a recipe’s picture discourage me about the appearance of the final product.
   If I follow the directions correctly, the recipe should work. In this case, it definitely did.
   The cake was easy to make.
   Graham crackers are ground in a food processor, and the resulting crumbs are mixed with flour, baking powder and salt.
   Butter, sugar, egg, egg yolk and vanilla are beaten together, and the flour mixture is then added alternately with milk. Chocolate chips are stirred in.
   The batter is scraped into an eight-inch square baking pan and is baked for about 35 minutes. The cake is cooled completely.
   The frosting is made by combining softened butter, confectioners’ sugar (icing sugar), vanilla and Marshmallow Fluff until smooth.
   Spread the frosting on the cooled cake, cut into squares and enjoy.

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