Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fast Chicken Fajitas: Quick and delicious!

Fast Chicken Fajitas (click for the recipe) from Everyday Food magazine lives up to its name.
   Fajitas can sometimes take a long time to make, especially if there is marinating or grilling involved.
   But this recipe is fast, fast, fast -- and delicious, delicious, delicious.
   My husband and I never tire of this recipe, and I’m always pleased by how well it works considering the few ingredients and little time involved.
   The secret ingredient is chili powder. It nicely seasons the chicken, but not to an overwhelming degree.
   I would say children ages 12 and up would easily be able to eat these fajitas, but skip the cilantro if you are serving it to young people.
   In fact, skip the cilantro entirely no matter who will eat the fajitas! I always do. (My husband and I don’t like it.)
   The recipe calls for chicken cutlets, but we’ve used boneless, skinless chicken breasts if these weren’t available.
   The chicken is placed on a baking sheet, rubbed with oil, sprinkled with chili powder and put under the broiler for a short time. It is thinly sliced crosswise.
   On a different baking sheet, bell peppers, red onion and garlic are tossed with oil and broiled.
   Set out chicken and peppers with tortillas, sour cream and salsa for people to assemble their own fajitas.

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