Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tarragon and tomatoes are a
terrific match in this pasta dish

I like simple, easy and delicious recipes. And if they’re a bit unusual, too, I’ll be hooked on them for life.
   Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Tarragon (click here for the Everyday Food recipe) fits that bill.
   The tarragon adds a fresh, unexpected note to the dish, but it doesn’t seem out of place – in fact, it appears that tomatoes and tarragon were always meant to be together.
   The recipe says you can also use fresh basil, but if you make this, I strongly suggest waiting until you get your hands on some fresh tarragon and use that instead. It should be readily available this time of year in any supermarket that has a well-stocked fresh herb section.
   This is a great dish for a weeknight. It whips up quickly and makes a lot.
   I think kids and teens may just go for it, too, especially those that have been known to like something beyond the realm of mac and cheese and hot dogs.
   While the spaghetti is boiling, finely-chopped shallots are cooked in oil, and chopped beefsteak or roma tomatoes are added when the pan is taken off the heat.
   The tomato mixture is poured over the drained pasta, and chopped tarragon and Parmesan cheese are added.
   Everything is tossed together, and the pasta is served.

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