Friday, June 8, 2012

Pineapple-Orange Sangria:
Perfect for a backyard barbecue

Take this one to the patio: Pineapple-Orange Sangria (click for the recipe).
   It’s the perfect drink for a backyard barbecue, as nearly everyone will like it and it will go with all types of food. And it’s easy to double and triple if needed.
   This summery sangria is very easy going down, with the peach vodka and pineapple juice being a fine complement to dry Riesling, a type of white wine.
   Essential to this drink’s success is the splash of club soda on top – it just won’t taste fantastic without it, so don’t forget it. In fact, I used more than a splash for each drink – probably about an ounce or so – and made sure to stir it in. I found the drink to be best that way.
   The sangria is very easy to make, and has just a minimum two-hour chilling time (maximum 24 hours).
   The recipe calls for agave nectar, a sweetener with the consistency of syrup. It can be found at well-stocked supermarkets or health-food stores.
   A bottle of dry Riesling, peach vodka, canned pineapple juice (we used pineapple juice from a Tetra pack), and agave nectar are mixed together in a pitcher. A small navel orange, thinly sliced, and pieces of fresh pineapple (I used canned pineapple) are added, and the sangria is refrigerated for at least two hours.
   To serve, the sangria is poured into glasses over ice, and a splash (or a bit more) or club soda poured on top and mixed in.

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