Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Proscuitto, Apple and Brie Monte Cristos
not like the soggy sandwiches of our youth

When I told my personal Facebook pals that my husband and I were going to make Proscuitto, Apple and Brie Monte Cristos (click for the recipe) for supper, one of them responded less than enthusiastically.
   She remembered, and not fondly, the Monte Cristos that had been served by the cafeteria at the university we both attended.
   The bread of the Monte Cristos of our youth was oversoaked with egg so “French toastiness” overwhelmed the sandwiches.
   Not to worry – these Proscuitto Monte Cristos from Fine Cooking magazine are fresh and delicious. If you follow the recipe closely, they won’t be too eggy or soggy. You will know you’re eating a sandwich, not French toast.
   The recipe calls for thinly-sliced Brie. Thinly slicing Brie is not the world’s easiest task, but I found wetting the knife I was using helped a bit. We didn’t bother cutting off the rind on the Brie, but it can be if it freaks you out.
   The first step in making the sandwiches is combining Dijon mustard and honey in a small bowl, then spreading the mixture on slices of crusty bread.
   Brie slices, prosciutto and apple are placed on the other slices of bread, and the ones spread with Dijon mustard and honey are placed on top.
   Four large eggs and allspice are lightly beaten in a shallow bowl (my husband used a nine-inch glass pie plate).
   The sides of two of the sandwiches are dipped into the eggs, then cooked in a skillet for about five minutes total. The sandwiches are removed from the skillet, transferred to a plate and kept warm while the other sandwiches are cooked.
   Slice the sandwiches in half and serve.

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