Thursday, January 12, 2012

Excellent soup helps me overcome parsnip hatred

I hated parsnips, but now I don’t, thanks to a recipe for an awesome soup.
   For years I detested cooked parsnips. As a kid, I remember trying to desperately choke them down, tears welling up in my eyes as my parents demanded I eat them.
   But now that I’m an adult, I wanted to like parsnips. I wanted to cook them in a way that would appeal to my palate.
   I entrusted my parsnip-hating taste buds to Fine Cooking, an excellent food and cooking magazine that has never let me down.
   Parsnip and Parmesan Soup (click for it) from Fine Cooking was the recipe I chose to try.
   I was glad that it turned out to be an excellent choice.
   The sweetness of the parsnips came through deliciously. I think the secret ingredient was soy sauce, which added a perfect salty tang.
   I dare to guess that other parsnip-hating people, perhaps even children, will like this soup.
   It was easy to make.
   Peeled, trimmed and diced parsnips are cooked in butter, then shallots, garlic and fresh oregano are added and cooked. Chicken or vegetable broth (we used store-bought vegetable) is added, and everything brought to a boil.
   The soup is simmered until the parsnips are very soft, and is then pureed using a stand or immersion/handheld blender. Because my husband used a handheld blender, he didn’t need to let the soup cool a bit first before blending, nor did he need or blend it in batches as is the case with a stand-up blender. He also didn’t need to let it warm up a bit again after blending.
   Freshly-grated Parmiagiano Reggiano cheese, soy sauce and lemon juice are added to the soup and stirred. Salt and pepper is added to taste.

   The next hated vegetable to conquer with a great recipe: Brussels sprouts.

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