Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet and Sour Chicken is easy,
and not at all goopy

Takeout sweet and sour chicken can often be goopy and very sugary, making for a less-than-happy culinary experience.
   But I’ve found a recipe that creates a very good version of the dish without the extra sauce and sugar.
   And it’s easy to make, hence the name, Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken (click for the recipe) from BBC Good Food magazine.
   The dish is family-friendly. Serve it with some rice (I recommend jasmine) and you’ll have a terrific weeknight meal on your hands.
   The recipe I linked to above is on the BBC Good Food website, but it differs from the recipe I used from The Good Food Cookbook in one major way.
   In the website version, the dish is cooked entirely in the microwave. In the book version, everything is cooked in a skillet.
   I suppose it would depend on your preference and whether or not you had a large enough microwave to handle the large dish needed to cook the ingredients.
   In the skillet version, the chicken, onion and red peppers are cooked in the skillet until the chicken is nearly cooked through, then the pineapple pieces and sugar snap peas are added and the ingredients cooked for another three to five minutes until the chicken is completely cooked.
   The sauce, comprised of ketchup, malt vinegar (sometimes labeled fish and chips vinegar), dark muscovado sugar (I used dark brown sugar instead) and garlic is added and the mixture cooked for another minute or two until the sauce is warm.
   The chicken can be served with a handful of salted, roasted cashew nuts on top.

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