Monday, August 1, 2011

Perogies and kubasa take a
delicious turn on the barbecue

I’m nuts about perogies (pierogies).
   I’m of Ukrainian heritage, and grew up eating these yummy dumplings that are most commonly filled with potatoes or cheese.
   To this day, one of my most favorite dishes is a plate of my Baba’s boiled perogies, slathered in butter or fried onions, or her fried perogies with a pile of sour cream on the side.
   I also like a good feed of kubasa (kielbasa) now and then, a type of Ukrainian sausage.
   When I saw a recipe that put perogies and kubasa together and had them cooked on a barbecue, I knew I had to try it.
   That’s right, grilling perogies.
   And you know what? It worked like a charm.
   Grilled Pierogies and Kielbasa (click for the recipe) from Food Network Magazine was an absolutely delicious dish.
   The grilled kubasa and perogies were terrific in their own right, but the tossing of those two in a dressing of grilled onions, whole-grain mustard, apple-cider vinegar and fresh parsley is a stroke of absolute genius.
   Leftovers warmed up beautifully in the microwave.
   The kubasa is cut into four pieces, grilled, then transferred to a baking sheet or platter.
   One large white onion, cut into six wedges, and a pound of frozen potato-and-cheddar perogies are tossed with olive oil. The onions and potatoes are grilled and transferred to the baking sheet or platter.
   The kubasa is cut into pieces, and put into a large bowl with a dressing of whole-grain mustard, apple-cider vinegar (sometimes labeled cider vinegar) and olive oil.
   The onion is chopped, and added to the bowl along with the perogies and chopped fresh parsley.
   The dish is served. (I put a little bit of sour cream on the side so I could dip the perogies in it.)

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