Friday, August 5, 2011

Portobello & Blue Cheese Melts

My husband and I usually make supper together, but occasionally there’s a recipe that’s so easy and quick to make that it’s almost silly for two sets of hands to get involved.
   This week I made Portobello & Blue Cheese Melts (click for the recipe) from BBC GoodFood magazine on my own while my husband took a well-deserved break from making supper (although he did wash the dishes afterward.)
   The delicious melts took about half an hour to make, start to finish, without a single bit of hurry or worry on my part.
   “So easy, even your wife can make it!” My husband joked later on. He thought the melts were “awesome.”
   With its quick and easy prep, this recipe is obviously ideal for a weeknight supper.
   The portobello mushrooms provide a meaty middle to the melts, with the sticky red onions and blue cheese perfect toppings. Ciabatta buns are the perfect recommendation for the melts.
   The recipe makes just one serving. Obviously, with two people we needed to make more. For the one serving, the recipe asks for two portobello mushrooms.
   I doubled the number of mushrooms to four, and increased the number of ciabatta buns to four from one. I suspected, rightly as it turned out, that one large portobello mushroom would comfortably fit into one ciabatta bun.
   I also doubled the amount of thyme leaves required, and the amount of blue cheese.
   I stuck to the same amount of red onion though – just one was called for in the recipe, although it wouldn’t have hurt to have baked two along with the increase in ingredients of the rest of the recipe.
   The recipe calls for rocket leaves, which is the British term for arugula. I used prepared mixed salad greens instead, which are also sometimes labelled “mesclun” or “spring mix.”
   The recipe directs bake the onions and mushrooms in an oven heated to 220 C – this is nearly 430 F.
   A red onion, cut into wedges, is mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spread on a baking sheet. Portobello mushrooms are put on top of the onions, stem-side up. Fresh thyme leaves are scattered on top, and the onions and mushrooms are baked in the oven for 15 minutes.
   Blue cheese is crumbled onto each of the mushrooms, which are then baked five minutes more.
   To serve, mixed greens are put on the bottom half of a lightly-toasted ciabatta bun, then some sticky onions and a portobello mushroom follow. The top half of the bun crowns this gorgeous melt.

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