Monday, August 29, 2011

Get in some final grilling action
with these terrific chicken wings

With the final week of August here and Labour Day long weekend coming up shortly, many people are thinking of back-to-school activities, harvest, and the busy times that autumn brings.
   But if you’re determined to get in some more grilling action while the heat is still around, I’ve got a great recipe for you: Grilled Chicken Wings (click for the recipe) from Cook’s Country magazine.
   They’re very easy and very delicious, perfect for a barbecue this weekend to send off summer’s dog days.
   They’re quite family-friendly. Although they are on the salty side, I think most children above perhaps the age of eight or nine will give these a try.
   The wings are made without sauce, with just some very simple seasonings to bring home moist chicken.
   In fact, there are just four ingredients in the recipe – salt, wings, cornstarch and pepper. It’s putting the chicken in a salty brine in advance of grilling that coaxes out flavor.
   The recipe doesn’t say the wings need a dipping sauce; we didn’t use any and found it wasn’t needed. However, some people may appreciate some ranch salad dressing in which to dip the wings.
   Instead of buying chicken wings and needing to cut them in half and discard wingtips, I used drummettes instead.
   A half cup of salt is dissolved in two quarts of cold water in large container (I used a Ziploc freezer bag). Two pounds of chicken wings are pricked all over with a fork, then submerged in brine, covered or sealed and refrigerated for 30 minutes. (Don’t let the chicken sit in the brine for more than 30 minutes; it will result in chicken that’s too salty.)
   The chicken is removed from the brine, patted dry with paper towels, then tossed in a combination of cornstarch and pepper.
   The wings are grilled for 22 to 25 minutes, then transferred to a platter, tented with aluminum foil, and left to rest for five to 10 minutes.
   The wings are served.

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