Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tilapia is simple to grill, and sensational

One night last week my husband grilled tilapia, a type of fish.
   It was delicious.
   We were both very impressed with its slightly salty taste and firm but flaky texture.
   The recipe we were used is Grilled Tilapia with Cherry Salsa (click for the recipe from Everyday Food), but the tilapia could easily have been served on its own without any extra toppings, it was that good.
   However, this time of year, big, juicy cherries are at their best, and this recipe puts them to good use.
   I’m so enthused about grilled tilapia that I’m going to be looking for other recipes that put it in the spotlight.
   For this recipe, the salsa is made by combining cherries, onion, (we skipped the cilantro), a jalapeno chile and lime juice. It doesn’t hurt to let this sit for a bit to let the cherries release a bit of juice.
   Ground coriander, salt and pepper are stirred together, then sprinkled over tilapia fillets that have been rubbed with olive oil.
   The tilapia is grilled until opaque around the edges and the underside loosens from grate, and is then flipped. My husband used a fish grilling basket with a handle to easy turn the fillets.
   The tilapia is served topped with the cherry salsa.

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