Friday, May 20, 2011

Crab Salad Melts are not
greasy or dry -- they are just right

When I was a teen, one of my fave suppers was my mother’s tuna melts.
   She always did an awesome job of them: English muffins topped with a mixture of tuna, green onions and mayo, sliced tomatoes and grated mozzarella.
   But my husband doesn’t like canned tuna, so I always stayed away from trying my own version.
   When I recently saw the recipe for Crab Salad Melts (click for the recipe on the Eating Well website), I knew I had my answer. I could take trip down food memory lane that my husband would enjoy too.
   The results of the recipe were terrific. The slightly sweet crab meat was a fine topping, accentuated well by chopped celery.
   Because there isn’t a lot of mayonnaise or cheese used, the melts weren’t greasy, but they weren’t dry either -- there was just enough binding material that it was easy to put the crab mixture on the English muffins.
   They were super easy to make, too, making them an ideal weeknight dinner.
   Chopped asparagus or snow peas (we used snow peas) are cooked in the microwave, sliced thinly, and combined with crab meat, celery, red bell pepper, scallions (green onions), mayonnaise, Old Bay Seasoning and hot sauce.
   The mixture is spread on toasted English muffin halves, topped with shredded Swiss cheese, and broiled until the cheese is melted.

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