Thursday, January 6, 2011

A quick supper to enjoy on the sofa:
Noodles with Turkey, Green Beans & Hoisin

I like the catchline of Noodles with Turkey, Green Beans & Hoisin (click for the recipe) on the BBC GoodFood magazine website: “Long day at work? Whip up this substantial yet low-fat supper and enjoy on the sofa.”
   That’s exactly the right way to enjoy this dish.
   It’s super-easy to make, and fills the stomach with a happy satisfied feeling.
   Those whose only culinary accomplishment is boiling ramen noodles might find the courage to branch out when they find the noodles are the basis of the dish.
   Making it is a good way to get some beans into your diet. The green beans called for in the recipe are definitely must-haves. They add a welcome, crunchy texture.
   Leftovers warm up beautifully in the microwave.
   The recipe makes enough for two people, so if you’re making it for a family, make sure to at least double it.
   The recipe calls for chilli sauce. We used chili-garlic sauce, which most often found in the Asian foods section of the supermarket.
   Ramen noodles are boiled according to package directions, and halved green beans are added to the boiling noodles for the final two minutes. (I also clipped the ends off the green beans).
   Hoisin sauce, fresh lime juice and chili-garlic sauce are combined. Turkey mince (ground turkey) and chopped garlic cloves are browned, and the hoisin mixture added. The combination is cooked.
   The noodles, beans and some sliced spring onions (green onions) are stirred into the turkey mixture. When the dish is served, more sliced spring onions are scattered on top.
   Hit that sofa and enjoy!

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