Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yo ho ho and a plate of Anna's Walnut-Rum Wafers!

Anna's Walnut-Rum Wafers (click for the recipe) taste ever so slightly with the dark rum from their name. The rum taste, in turn, blends perfectly with the walnuts within.
   They’re a little bit sophisticated and a whole lot sassy, and the smaller size lends itself perfectly for scooping up a few at a time for munching.
   The wafers will keep well for a week at room temperature in an airtight container. They are amazingly easy to make.
   Butter, sugar, egg, rum, flour, salt and chopped walnuts are mixed together.
   The resulting dough is dropped by two-teaspoonfuls onto baking sheets, and then the sheet is put into the oven for about four minutes. The sheet is taken out, more walnut pieces are sprinkled on top of the cookies, and the sheet is returned to the oven for eight minutes more.
   After a short cooling time, these dandies are ready to eat.

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