Sunday, October 17, 2010

Putting a cartload of carrots
to good use with Cream of Carrot Soup

My mother recently gave me two freezer bags full of carrots she grew in her backyard vegetable garden over the summer.
   I knew immediately how I was going to put them to work: In a batch of Cream of Carrot Soup from Company’s Coming.
   We've been making this soup every fall for about the past five years.
   It’s hearty and filling, with a taste that will be loved by root vegetable admirers.
   The soup uses very little cream, just three tablespoons, yet is nice and thick.
   The secret? Uncooked long grain white rice, which is simmered with the carrots.
   When the soup is blended, the rice creates a thick texture.
   Since we use a hand blender to puree the soup, we don’t let it cool slightly after the 30-minute simmering time as the recipe directs. This is for safety, if you are processing the soup with a regular blender or food processor.
   The recipe requires one-and-a-half pounds of carrots. Grating the carrots for the soup is a good job for a teen or resident “non-cook” to do to help with supper preparation.
   Chopped onions are sautéd, and the grated carrots, tomato paste, uncooked rice and chicken broth are added and the mixture is simmered for 30 minutes. The soup is blended.
   Whipping cream, salt and pepper are added, and the soup is served. If you’d like, drizzle with more whipping cream and garnish with carrot curls, fresh cilantro and croutons.

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