Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terrific on the very first bite: Chinese Orange Beef

I love when I try a recipe for the first time, and on the very first bite of the resulting dish I know I’m going to make it again and again.
   Such is the case with Chinese Orange Beef, an America’s Test Kitchen recipe that my husband and I tried for the first time recently.
   The orange taste, the result of grated zest and fresh juice, blends perfectly into the light sauce that coats strips of beef.
   It’s a terrific weeknight recipe that the whole family will like.
   Be sure to serve it over a bed of sticky rice (our favorite is jasmine.)
   The recipe calls for a flank steak. Since we couldn’t find one when we were making this, we used ready-cut stir-fry beef, which many supermarkets have in stock in their fresh meat section. (It saved us some time, too!)
   The recipe I linked to above is nearly exactly the same as the America’s Test Kitchen recipe we used. It is only missing one thing: two scallions (green onions), which are thinly sliced and sprinkled over the beef when it is served.
   Chinese Orange Beef is easy to make.
   A flank steak is cut into thin strips (or use beef that’s already cut), and the pieces are browned in a skillet.
   Orange zest, orange juice, dark brown sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili garlic sauce, fresh ginger, and cornstarch are mixed together in a bowl, then added to the skillet and cooked until thickened.
   The beef is stirred in and coated with the sauce.
   Serve sprinkled with sliced scallions (green onions.)

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