Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A recipe inspired by Twitter: Peach Grilled Cheese

This is the first blog post in which I’m going to review a recipe from another blog.
   As you likely already know, there are thousands of food blogs out there, and many of them are excellent.
   A huge number of food bloggers are people who develop their own great recipes – unlike me, who sits back and lets the great recipes roll in.
   The recipe I write about today is Peach Grilled Cheese (click here for the recipe) from the blog Macheesmo (I love that name!) Macheesmo is written by a 27-year-old man named Nick.
   Macheesmo writes that he sent out a message on Twitter looking for ingredient inspiration for a grilled-cheese sandwich recipe, and received an answer: Peaches, gruyere cheese, and arugula.
   Macheesmo went to work putting the ingredients together.
The result is a delicious sandwich the whole family will love – if you leave out the arugula, that is.
   My husband and I like arugula, and so didn’t mind its peppery bite in the sandwich.
   But children, teens and anyone who you’d put in the “picky eater” category won’t go for it.
   There’s a simple solution: Just leave the arugula out if you’re fixing this for a family.
   Macheesmo says to use very ripe peaches, which is an excellent direction. They will be soft and sweet, and blend well with the cheese.
   I cut the gruyere a little too thickly when my husband and I made this. If you make this recipe, slice the cheese thinly, perhaps even using a vegetable peeler to “shave” off pieces.
   Macheesmo used a pan to make these sandwiches, but we used a panini maker.
   We also used our favorite panini flatbread to make these, rather than rustic bread.
   Thanks to the Twitterer who responded to Macheesmo on that fateful day. Now we can all enjoy Peach Grilled Cheese sandwiches.

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