Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nectarine Shortcakes: Serve on a
dreamy summer morning

Nectarines are perfect now, and I’ve got a perfect way to use them: Nectarine Shortcakes (click here for the recipe on the Martha Stewart Living website).
   This recipe is on my all-time best list.
   If you serve the shortcakes for breakfast outside on a sunny summer morning, it will seem as if a dream has come true.
   Those who are lucky enough to eat them will likely talk about them fondly for years to come!
   The shortcakes are easy to prepare, but are best on the day they’re made. Luckily, the recipe yields about eight, so four people will easily eat them up.
   Half a pound of nectarines are cut into half-inch pieces, then combined with fresh lemon juice and sugar and left to stand for 15 minutes.
   Flour, baking powder, salt and sugar are whisked together, then small pieces of cold unsalted butter are added and blended in. (The recipe says to use a pastry blender; hands will work fine!) Heavy cream (I use whipping cream) and the nectarine mixture are stirred in.
   The dough is cut into eight rounds, brushed with cream, and sprinkled with sanding sugar (I used superfine granulated sugar, sometimes labeled berry sugar or extra-fine granulated sugar).
   The shortcakes are baked, then cooled for a few minutes on a wire rack.

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Val said...

I have made these shortcakes often and everyone loves them. They are delicious. Thanks Mandy