Monday, July 5, 2010

A bubbly Bellini on a stick

The Bellini, a cocktail invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, becomes an icy treat with Fine Cooking magazine’s Bellini Pops (click here for the recipe at the Fine Cooking website).
   In fact, it felt like I was actually drinking a bubbly Bellini when I enjoyed one of these easy-to-make frozen pops.
   Just like the cocktail, this recipe uses peaches and Prosecco, a dry sparkling wine available at many liquor stores.
   This is a recipe where I successfully substituted an equal amount of Splenda for sugar.
   Peeled, pitted and chopped fresh peaches are combined with sugar (or Splenda) and lemon juice and simmered until thick and syrupy. The mixture is put in a blender and mixed with Prosecco, then left to cool to room temperature.
   The mixture is then refrigerated until cold -- I left it to refrigerate overnight.
   It’s then poured into ice-pop molds paper cups and frozen until barely set. The sticks are inserted, and the pops are frozen until firm, about six hours more.

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