Thursday, May 27, 2010

Panini perfection - with brandy?

Recently I made Carmelized Onion, Gruyere and Sausage Panini (click here for the recipe at the Fine Cooking magazine website), a hearty and delicious sandwich, and the first one I've made that called for alcohol!
   I brought out the panini press for this one, and rather than use slices of crusty, rustic bread as called for in the recipe, I used our favourite panini flatbreads.
   The recipe calls for cooked chicken sausages, but all I could find was uncooked. Of course, I cooked them as directed and went on to use them in the sandwiches.
   The panini's main feature is sliced yellow onions, carmelized in Calvados, a type of apple brandy that I found in the local liquor store.
   The brandy adds a depth of flavour to the onions, which marries very well with the Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese and chicken sausages nestled in the sandwiches.

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